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What is Leasing?
  • Leasing is a very popular method of acquiring capital equipment
  • Instead of cash payment or account, a series of tax efficient rental payment over a fixed period of time are made
  • Leasing allows for purchases of equipment to a value in excess of immediately available funds
How much can I afford?
  • For an existing business to acquire £1,000 worth of equipment using a 3 year lease, the monthly cost would be £34.70 (ex VAT)
  • As a quick guide, for approximately every £8 per week that you can afford, equipment to the value of £1,000 could be acquired
Why consider Leasing?
  • Increased purchase power. Leasing allows you to use future income to acquire equipment now
  • A low initial outlay allows you to acquire equipment without having to spend valuable cash reserves
  • Lease payments are fixed for the duration of the lease so you can plan your budget with confidence
  • Flexible terms can be arranged to meet specific customer needs
  • Existing lines of credit can be kept free for other uses
  • Lease payments are fully allowable against tax
  • Our finance company will send a VAT schedule to you at the commencement of the lease
  • The VAT schedule allows you (if you are registered) to reclaim the VAT that you have paid on each monthly rental
  • Your accountants can offset the monthly net payment against profits before taxation
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